Robin Wagner develops new methods to communicate safety aspects of advanced materials

In his project, Robin will exploit new methods of knowledge transfer utilising aspects of the research of all case studies of the research alliance. Here, Robin tells us about his approach for working with the different research fields.

Robin, please tell us about your professional background.

I completed my Bachelor and Master of Education with the major subjects Biology, Chemistry and Educational Sciences at the University of Konstanz. After finishing my Bachelor, I gained teaching experience during my practical semester in Tübingen and spent a semester abroad at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

What will be your job in the project?

My aim will be to investigate innovative digital formats of science communication. The content to be conveyed in these formats will be about the safety of advanced materials and they will be used in different learning contexts, such as student laboratories or exhibitions.

What made you decide to contribute to this particular project?

I am very excited about being able to combine different disciplines, such as natural sciences and educational sciences, in this project. Especially the use of innovative digital methods, such as 360° videos, to impart knowledge on this important topic appealed to me.

Where do you see the biggest challenge?

Due to the interdisciplinary approach of the project, effective planning, organisation, and communication among each other will be an important aspect.

I also believe that breaking down complex content and findings from many different research areas to their essentials, without neglecting crucial elements, will be another key element in the field of science communication.

How do you deal with the fact that you will be working at several institutes and that several research institutes are involved in your project?

I see this collaboration as a great opportunity, as it will give me many insights into different areas of research. I look forward to meeting people from this field and learning from them and their work.

Thank you Robin! Welcome to the team, we are looking forward for testing the methods you are going to come up with in your project.

Robin Wagner develops new methods to communicate safety aspects of advanced materials
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